Sickness and absence

Sickness and Absences

Your child’s attendance at school is very important to their education. We would draw your attention to the following guidelines:

  • All children are expected to attend school and it is a parent’s responsibility to ensure
    they do. If a child has irregular attendance you will be asked to attend a school
    attendance meeting.
  • However, please do not send your child to school if they are too ill to be able to cope
    with the school day or have an infectious disease e.g. chickenpox.
  • If your child has been physically sick or has diarrhoea, keep them at home for 48
    hours after the last symptom, these are guidelines issued to all schools by the Health
    Protection Agency.
  • If your child is late or absent for any reason please inform the school before 9.00
    am, telephone 01206 573849. Messages can be left on the out-of-hour message
    service before 8.30 am. Unexplained absences are followed up by Mr Harvey, our
  • Attendance Officer. He will also support you to improve any attendance concerns.
  • We will contact you by telephone on your child’s first day of absence if we do not
    hear from you, to ensure your child is safe with you.
  • Please try and book dental/doctor appointments out of school hours unless it is
    urgent. If your child has an appointment during school hours the office will need to
    see the appointment letter/card to copy for the register.

Repeated absence because of illness may require medical evidence to be provided or it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Thinking of taking your children out of school for a family holiday?

From September 2015 due to changes in the leave of absence guidelines from the
Attendance Compliance Team at Essex County Council, the school will not authorise any
holidays during term time. Unauthorised absences in term time may result in Penalty
Notices being issued to all parents/carers. These will be issued in consultation with our
trust attendance partners ‘Aquinnos’.