About Us

Monkwick Infant School and Nursery became a member of The Sigma Trust on 1st September 2016. We believe this enables us to plan for your child’s educational journey from 3-16 years.

Quotes from our latest Ofsted Inspection in June 2019 – rated “Good”.

  • “Parents and carers are positive about the school”
  • “The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils are polite and respectful. They readily engage in conversations with adults”
  • “The learning environment in the Nursery and Reception classes is stimulating and purposeful. Children show high levels of independence in the early years because routines are well established”
  • “Pupils make strong progress in reading. Over time, they develop a secure knowledge of phonics, quickly go    on to read with fluency and develop an ever-widening vocabulary”
  • “The welfare and safety of all pupils in school is paramount to staff”
  • “The school supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development strongly”

Most importantly we provide a safe atmosphere where children are valued: ensuring that this experience of school is a positive one. We believe that self-esteem plays a vital part in raising children’s achievement. As part of this work, we recognise children’s effort, enthusiasm, progress and achievement. Children are rewarded with praise, stickers and certificates. We also recognise those children who maintain a caring approach to others and the environment.